The Lotus is a beautiful and spectacular flower that floats on the water and is considered a symbol of beauty, purity, youth and inner strength. But did you know that the Lotus flower can also do wonders when it comes to your skin?
Lotus flowers contain a rich complex of vitamins, minerals and proteins, copper and iron. They are rich in antioxidants, contain moisturizing ingredients and have significant purification abilities. They are also known for their ability to stimulate collagen fibers and strengthen the epidermal layer.
The LOTUS line from GIGI allows your skin to benefit from the many wonderful advantages of the Lotus flower. The line contains a wide range of products that provide moisture and elasticity to your skin, balance its texture, and cleanse it thoroughly. The line’s products also help delay the aging process, protect your skin from the sun and treat wrinkles and blemishes.
Oh, and the smell is just wonderful.
The Lotus flower – a gift from nature to your skin.